Facebook Phone + Android = INQ Cloud Touch

Facebook Phone + Android = INQ Cloud Touch

Remember last September 2010, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg declined about the idea of building a Facebook Phone. However, although this is not directly develop by him, INQ announced the latest Facebook smart phone – INQ Cloud Touch. Tech Crunch did an exclusive coverage for the Facebook phone which is powered by Google Android.

Facebook Phone + Android = INQ Cloud Touch

As we can see in the video. The Facebook phone is running on Google Android platform. Thanks to the open feature of Android, the home screen is customized into a unique Facebook interface. Basically, it allows you to read news feed and access most of the Facebook features with the 4 buttons (People, Events, Notifications, and Places) at the top of the home screen. The INQ Cloud Touch Facebook phone will be release in May and end of this year for US.

1. Facebook Friends

It allows you to set friends that you always check their updates, so you can read their latest and previous post from there. By scrolling left and right it will change to another friend.

2. Facebook Calendar

This Facebook Calendar includes the upcoming events and activities you and your friends having. Other than that, you can also check their birthday with this feature. According to the video, it is a stand alone calendar feature and it can be integrated with Google Calendar as well.

3. Facebook Chat

This is nothing new. Now Facebook Chat is upgraded as an mobile phone instant messenger. Basically it allows you to chat with your Facebook friends. He didn’t demonstrate is there any additional feature for this but a one click access to chat is much more intuitive.

4. Spotify Music & Video Streaming

What amazed me is that they implemented Spotify Music Video Streaming into the Facebook Phone. However, the free music streaming won’t be available for anyone outside United Kingdom. As international user, we can utilize Facebook Phone’s Spotify feature play the musics and videos stored in the device.

My Opinion on Facebook Phone

Overall this is a very Facebook centralize phone. All the interface and controls are focus on fast access to Facebook news feed and functions. It seems very different where other Google Android smart phones are build around the phone features, rather than a specific social network. It is specifically catered for all your needs on Facebook.

I can’t say much before I actually use the Facebook phone. Those usual phone buttons like phone call and SMS are somehow less obvious and hidden somewhere. Although you might be a hardcore Facebook addict, but not everyone in your contacts. Friends, colleague and family members will hardly available in Facebook all the time. Base on what we saw, you might find the Facebook Phone less user friendly to access usual smart phone functions.

As I know, HTC is coming out with a few smart phones with Android + Facebook powered user interface. Definitely we will see drastic changes in the smartphone appearance and new user behaviour in 2011. Time to crack our head to adapt new ideas in our lives!