Android or iPhone? Which Smart Phone should I get? Part 2 – iPhone

In part 1 of “Android or iPhone?”, I wrote top 3 reasons why should you get an Android smart phone. Although I don’t own an Apple iPhone yet, I am impressed by the well built Apple iPhone 4 in both hardware and the award winning smart phone interface. The idea here is not to stop you from buying any of them, but to let you understand which phone can works better for your usage.

The purpose of these “Android or iPhone?” posts are not to argue which one is better, stronger or nicer. I have read many comparison on the software & hardware, like battery life, signal reception, weight, screen size… The comparison itself is pretty vague. Each Android phone can produce very different outcome and there just isn’t any true result to say which side is better. High end Android phone (like HTC Evo) can beat iPhone 4 but other model with mid & low end specs might lose terribly. And to be fair, Apple iPhone really did a good job to withstand such strong competition and achieve great phenomena to the mobile phone industry.

To be honest, normal phone users (non IT geek) won’t care much about the details. So what if XX phone have 1Ghz processor? They only want a phone that works according to what they want to do, and that’s why I wrote the “reasons”. By translating the device’s “objective, specs and user experience” into “need, reasons and potential” for them. “iPhone can run 3D better da da bla bla” are for those who knows specifically what they want, and I doubt they need to read this.

Top 3 Reasons for you to get Apple iPhone 4

I really love the iPhone’s lag free interface. Not long ago I was using someone’s iPhone 4 for sometime and 1st hand experience is great. With a bit of sharing from my iPhone lover friends, I compiled the top 3 reasons why you should get an iPhone:

1. Apple iPhone is meant for standard and quality

Unlike Android smart phones, Apple iPhone implement strict quality control on the device and its system. There isn’t bigger, smaller, faster, slower, rounder, squarer iPhone anywhere. All the Apple iPhones 4 are the same (same goes to all iPhone 3GS). Same award winning lag free interface, same highly protected operating system, same beautiful metal casing and high end specs for its hardware. All iPhone games and apps runs well on every functional iPhone. Whatever you see on your friend’s iPhone, you can expect the same.

Apple always position itself as high class technology brand. The products that carry Apple name are sleek, high end and fashion. That’s why there are more and more users getting a MacBook, iPad and iPhone. It becomes a trend, a fashion for everyone that wish to looks cool and trendy.

So far we yet to see such high quality control happen to any other smart phones. Every Android phone model can have its own problem, e.g. Sony Ericsson X10 performance drop, Samsung Galaxy S battery’s problem and HTC Desire’s multi-touch bug. They gives additional software & hardware issues and it is pretty troublesome to search for technical assistant of the specific phone model.

2. Apple iPhone is meant to be an idiot proof phone

Apple iPhone’s user experience is revolutionary and proven to be one of the best. It is lag free, user friendly, intuitive for almost any user without pissing them off and killing their braincells. 8 or 80, it just works as you want. Simply follow what it provides and enjoy it! Don’t bother to customized and tweaking around, it just defeats the purpose. It is meant to be standardized and easy for the users, helping each other and recommend new games or apps that can run on all iPhones.

It is very frustrating to use a bad interface. When I was a web designer, I am trained to be very particular for visual, interactivity, animation and intuitive user interface. That’s why I once gave up on a Windows Mobile 6 smart phone after 2 weeks of using it. I just can’t stand the crappy interface and hell of lag.

3. Apple iPhone is meant to be secure and protected

While many developers complain Apple is overly protected their user, in fact it is one of its best selling point. iOS, the operation system of Apple iPhone provides very limited customization feature to avoid miscellaneous harmful software to access and spoil the iPhone. Apple iPhone users can have peace of mind for their data and conversation, provided they don’t dig their own grave by jail breaking.

Originally, all iPhone Apps can only install via the official Apple iPhone App Store. All the listed apps have to go through Apple’s screening and approval before it is available to the users. This process tighten the security and force the developer to deliver quality app. Unlike Android market, flooded by bunch of weird crappy puzzle game and apps with crappy interface.

If you heard someone is downloading free apps from somewhere else, please be careful. He or she must have jail breaked the iPhone. It means install an app that loosen the iPhone’s security and allow the phone to install unsigned app (app without Apple approval). Since those apps are not checked, You won’t know if the app collect data from your iPhone and secretly send to someone. Even if it is by famous company, how do you know the app itself is unmodified by someone else during the process and 100% safe? It just open the phone’s front door and invite thieves to come in anytime they like.

  • Raphaelramos72

    I don’t agreed with this 3 reason y to get am iPhone
    I am Network administrator, I have had 3 iPhone total soon I a user will have to reset the iphone to factory and is that so? Isn’t’ that because it lag? All the 3 iPhone I had they lag until I give up on the iPhone, I have a Samsung Galaxy S 2 LTE, I am super happy 1 good reason why to get an android I am using a 32 Gigabytes SD card and I can easy transfer data picture and music from android to my PC and to any other phone by inserting the SD card, without connecting to the stupid iTunes. Want more? Android camera have better picture quality how do I know this all my friends that iPhone ask why their picture looks better in my android than in their iPhone , I smile and say I don’t know , when you say iPhone are all the same? I agreed apple dont care to get low budget people. .. I am glad that android have variety

  • Raphaelramos72

    Android will give you freedom
    Freedom to allow 3rd party applications to be installed you can selects
    To allow or denied 3rd party apps, is just one click
    unlike iPhone main thing about money so don’t get much of free stuff