Android or iPhone? Which Smart Phone should I get? Part 1 – Android

Google Android and Apple iPhone are always in the newspaper headline. Almost everyone I know keep mentioning about their smart phones, the latest iPhone apps and how Android phones start to overtake iPhone. It seems hard to decide to buy an Android phone or iPhone. Make sure you don’t follow the crowd blindly, it is not about which phone is greater, it is all about which one can serve you better by understanding what they are actually meant for. Part 1 will focus on the benefits of Android phones and part 2 we will talk about Apple iPhone.

Top 3 Reasons for you to get Android Smart Phone

Personally I own a HTC Desire HD (a.k.a. HTC Evo) and having lots of fun with it. The technical specs is around the standard of Apple iPhone 4. iPhone 4 is very sleek and great temptation to me. But due to my online behaviour, which is Google oriented, Android become my first choice and I’m glad I choose the right phone. Below are the top 3 reasons to get Android Smart Phone (why not top 10? Because the rest doesn’t really matter).

Android smart phone is meant for heavy web user

If you are constantly on the go and would like to check email and websites with your phone, get an Android smart phone. Android have a various brands and phone models and they come with different screen size and processing power, allowing you to choose the one you are more comfortable with. All my iPhone friends are very impressed by the 4.3 inch screen HTC Desire HD (a.k.a. HTC Evo) and have a lot of fun surfing the web.

Android is definitely leading when it comes to mobile web surfing. Compared to iPhone, Android allows you to install more 3rd party applications like Adobe Flash Player. HTML 5 is not going to happen overnight, without Flash Player it is a huge draw back for the iPhone user to surf websites.

Android smart phone is meant for Google fans

Android smart phone requires the user to have a GMail account, which is a common pass for many Google services like Google Voice, Talk, Map, Readers, Alerts, News, Bookmark and Docs. And Google is the father of Android OS, so it is not surprising to see the latest Google tools & updates launch on Android prior to other platforms.

Android smart phone is meant for customization & personalization

“I want a different look for my home screen”, “I prefer phone with bigger screen size”, “I want to be unique”. Welcome to the world of Android. No doubt Apple iPhone is very popular, but there are more people who love other brand like Sony Ericsson, HTC and Samsung. Each of these manufacturer made their own customized Android interface for their customers. Samsung Galaxy S is famous for iPhone look alike interface, while HTC is proud of their HTC Sense interface and the users love it.

There are lots of phone models powered by Google Android OS. You can choose your favourite smart phone base on device appearance, the customized interface and the brand that you like. Not everyone want to spend US$600 on an Apple iPhone 4, so Android phones allow these people to own a smart phone with smaller budget.

You can go through tons of trouble trying to mod the Apple iPhone interface, why don’t consider an Android smart phone that comes with interface that you like? And iPhone forces you to stick with iTunes and it can be pain in the ass for many users.