Android + Music + Pretty Girl = Win!

We have heard people using iPhone music apps to make awesome performance, and now we have a prettier, better female singer using Android smart phones! The pretty korean girl in the video sang Take a Bow by Rhianna and playing the music with her Android smart phone, which apparently looks like Samsung Galaxy A. Hence she gained the title as “Android Girl“. Let’s listen to her beautiful voice!

Korea Android Girl, with nice singing

This is the 1st original video of Android Girl singing performance using Samsung Galaxy A (Android Smart Phone). The song is Take a Bow by Rhianna. Despite the lousy recording quality, her singing is quite good!

2nd hit from Android Girl, Sunday Morning by Maroon 5. She only performed with Android phone for the starting part and switched to keyboard with the rest of the band.

Android Girl 3rd performance. It is a korean song which I’m not familiar with it.

Android is the new platform for talented people

Stop relying on single platform. Google Android is now the latest, fastest expanding mobile platform for talent, especially music talents to increase their exposure. Don’t miss the opportunity to be one of the pioneer!