How To Get A Good Domain Name For Website

While working as a web designer, I often asked by my client and friends regarding how to get a good domain name for their website. The same question also appeared and answered frequently in webmasters forum, so I think it is a good opportunity to share my personal guideline to come out with a website domain name that work. Have a look how you too can come out with a good domain name that will help your website’s branding and traffic.

1. Domain Name Is Your Branding

If the website represents certain business entity, make sure the branding is in the domain name. Example: your company is green apple trading, don’t register Your domain name suppose to represents your site and business nature. There are many domain name extensions available, make sure you pick the right one. Consult internet experts on picking up the right domain name extension. Don’t simply register a .org when you are a business. If you want to do it yourself, these are some popular domain name extensions:

  • .com = commercial. The best domain extensions that good for almost any kind of websites.
  • .org = organisation. This extension is cater organisation entity, e.g. religion, non-profit organisation and association
  • .net = network. Any kind of network, it can be computer network or human network.
  • .biz = business. Good for any kind of business but less popular compared to the first few of this list.
  • .edu = education. This is one domain name extension that control by country law. Usually university, college and some education organisation are allow to use .edu + country extension. For example: is the domain name of Multimedia University, Malaysia.

2. Good Domain Name Tells Netizen What To Expect

A good domain name will gives correct website impression to the netizen and makes you stand out from others. An easy way is to include a keyword of your business to the domain name. It helps netizen to identify the content they are looking for. Example: VS Which one sounds like a good place for dinner date?

As part of your online strategy, keyword in your domain name also improves the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) result.

3. Domain Name Represents Your Location & Target Group

Always use the right domain name extension with the country you or your business located. if you are a malaysia company, use should be your main domain name since sounds more legit and not everyone can simply register one. You can have a .com for the easey remember and prevent the name to be taken by others.

Remember, always use the right domain name extension for the users. Don’t confuse your visitors by using .sg when your business is in Japan. When you use .sg, it means you are somewhere in Singapore. Else you will simply turn off your visitors since it is not what Singapoarean interested to see.

4. Good Domain Name Gives Credibility

One of the reasons website owners register a domain name is to give credibility to their website. Instead of, looks much more credible. For the naming, please make sure the domain name is relevant to the site’s content.

In most cases humour won’t work on domain names, and, which one sounds like scam? Most netizen are skeptic, without a proper name, they don’t even bother to visit your website.

5. Domain name That Can Tell A Friend At Ease

A good domain name should be easy to read and remember. For example this website, I don’t include hyphen because it is hard to tell another person. “just visit digitalnetizen dot com” is easier to remember than “just visit digital hypen netzien dot com”.

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The 5 points above are the guidelines for you to come out of a relevant domain name for your website. These guidelines are focus on creating a brand and the ease to identify the website’s content. It is not a must to follow all of them, just 2-3 will be enough.

Many popular and easy to remember domain names are taken. The name matching process requires some effort to test and search for the right combination. For, it took me few days to try whenever I’m free, before I can come out with the final name. Wish you good luck in getting a domain name that you like!

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  • chubbybots

    Ah good stuff man! Keep it coming! I learn a lot from your article.

    • Ellem Ooi

      Thanks bro. Glad that you like it :) So when you gonna get a domain name for your blog?

  • Gordon Greenroom

    Very good post though I kinda disagree with your point on using your real name. I did use a persona to build the site during its pre launch days because of my day job. Not only did it buy me some time to build the business while still employed, it also helped to bring a sense of mystic to prospects. Now that I’m doing it full time, Gordon is still very much a part of Greenroom136. But, your right; its not easy to trust “love_angel<3". Choosing a cool name is vital to pulling it off; there is a difference between Batman and Cicakman after all.

    • Ellem

      Hi Gordon, glad that you enjoy this post. Although I have listed few points in the article, I believe some of them is pretty hard to achieve, like having a physical outlet. It is all depending on the individual’s capablity / condition.

      In your case I would advise not to use real name at the very beginning stage since we might need to disguise ourselves from employer & those who know our employer. I also used a nickname for my toy blog so I can attend some events and take leave for it. (I doubt my boss will allow me to take leave for the sake of attending anime convention XD)

      But once we go full time with the online business. It is definitely a plus to credibility