Adobe Photoshop Rap – Revolution of E-Learning and Photoshop Tutorial?

Still scrolling some webpages to learn how to photoshop your photo with red eye? You need something fun and spice up your motivation! My friend just passed me a Youtube link of a Photoshop rap (huh?). Yes, collage humor just did a rap song based on Adobe Photoshop. E-learning is no longer the same it is incredibly entertaining!

Adobe Photoshop Rap – Revolution of Photoshop Tutorial?

This is the singer tutor and he will be the main lead to teach us how to use Adobe Photoshop. The Photoshop rap covers 3 common effects that we usually want to do, red eye removal, text effects and filter effects. And he is not alone, there are many friends that will pops out from no where to join the class fun.

He might look funky but there are real Photoshop skills in his rap. RGB channels, brushes, layer mask are all covered in the red eye removal tutorial. He moves in and out of your screen and shows you how to adjust the windows settings. Follow him step by step, sing along and viola! The job is done!

In the text effects tutorial, they utilize layer styles setting that can make words look much more appealing. If you are having trouble making your words interesting, pause the video and see how he & his buddy did it. Apply the technique to other layer styles to create thousands of combinations!

Who need live preview when you can have a “living preview”? I vote this feature as for Adobe Photoshop CS6. Customizable Photoshop Assistants cum Tutors which includes pretty ladies to teach you tutorial step by step. Designers & freelancers will have a better life!

After watching the video, I’m very impressed how they can compiled 3 tutorials into a 3 minutes rap without making it boring. Perhaps teachers and tutors should have a look at this for inspiration and hopefully e-learning will never be the same again! No more headache for improving class attendance!

You can watch the Photoshop Rap here and tell me how you think. Remember share this great geeky video for with your friends!

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