how to be trustworthy in the internet

How To Be Trustworthy On The Web

Recent years, many websites and social networks like Facebook has been trying hard to encourage the use of real identity, many netizens …


It Is The Users That Give Out Personal Info, Not Facebook

Few months ago, Facebook shuts down some apps of certain 3rd party Facebook App Developers that collect and sell Facebook user personal information. This issue sparked many outrages among users and everyone is very concern how their private information on Facebook will be shared to somebody else. Technically It is against Facebook’s policy for such thing to happen. But recently, Facebook announced that they allow Facebook apps to collect user private information, with the user’s permission. Basically it means that, the 3rd party app developer can have private information because user allow them to take it.


How To Get A Good Domain Name For Website

While working as a web designer, I often asked by my client and friends regarding how to get a good domain name for their website. The same question also appeared and answered frequently in webmasters forum, so I think it is a good opportunity to share my personal guideline to come out with a website domain name that work. Have a look how you too can come out with a good domain name that will help your website’s branding and traffic.


Android or iPhone? Which Smart Phone should I get? Part 1 – Android

Google Android and Apple iPhone are always in the newspaper headline. Almost everyone I know keep mentioning about their smart phones, the latest iPhone apps and how Android phones start to overtake iPhone. It seems hard to decide to buy an Android phone or iPhone. Make sure you don’t follow the crowd blindly, it is not about which phone is greater, it is all about which one can serve you better by understanding what they are actually meant for. Part 1 will focus on the benefits of Android phones and part 2 we will talk about Apple iPhone.


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